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A:Address: 1F, No.64, Ziyou St., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City (10 minutes' walk from the right-hand side of the exit of MRT Yongan Market Station), Tel: 02-7730-8878, Fax: 02-2231-0109
1. People who are over 55 years of age, or have already applied for the reception of retirement payment and have job search intentions.
2. Employers who have the intention to hire the job seekers mentioned above.
3. Non-governmental organizations or individuals who pay attention to the development of senior workforce.
4. Individuals or groups with entrepreneurial counseling needs.
A:Counter service hours are from Monday to Friday AM 08:00-AM12:00; PM13:00-PM17:00.

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About Us

Welcoming the aging society, are you ready?
Faced with the advent of Taiwan's "aging society" and the changes in the population structure and dependency ratio, it does not only force changes in social patterns but affects the economic environment, the cultivation of talents, and intergenerational issues. In the face of an aging population, the issue of the re-use of the elder’s manpower has been taken seriously by the advanced countries of the world. In view of this, the Taipei-Keelung-Yilan-Hualien-Kinmen-Matsu Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency of Ministry of Labor established the Senior Workforce Development Service Center on October 2, 2014. Since its establishment, it has strived to promote various types of employment services and match up employers and employees. It is hoped that this will enable the elder talents to do what they are good at and enhance their sense of social participation and self-worth. They will also be able to provide intergenerational experience through the senior diversified information platform and create resource exchanges and interactions to make up for the demand in labor market.

What is the target of Senior Workforce Development Service Center?

  • 1. People above 55 years of age with employment needs.
  • 2. Retired people.
  • 3. Employers who are interested in hiring jobseekers mentioned above.
  • 4. People or groups who are interested in the issue of senior citizens.



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